Awake Again

As I lay here, awake once again when I should be asleep, I’ve been reminiscing a bit. I had some Hickory Sticks earlier and a wave of memories came rushing back.

I remember buying those tiny bags of Hickory Sticks in high school from the cafeteria and stashing them in my bag for music class. Ah, music class. Best. Class. Ever. I mean, our teacher was pretty creepy and practically hit on anything wearing a skirt (and hey, I went to Catholic school and we all wore kilts), but the class was awesome. Especially when it was first period. Which meant we could be late. Not to mention with mine and Sue’s 96%’s, we basically had the teacher wrapped around our little fingers. Heck, we were even in the band. And we were good. We’d saunter in after “Oh Canada” and morning prayers, with a handful of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate pudding with whipped cream, and sit there and eat. He’d continually bark at how we were getting crud in our instruments and how food wasn’t allowed in the room, and we’d just laugh.

I was a total nerd in high school. I mean, I spent my lunch hour in the music room playing the piano with Sue and a few others. I played the flute in the school band. I volunteered at a retirement home with the band. I didn’t do sports. I hung out in the freaking chapel or the library. Wow. Yeah, that was me.

Besides music, my favourite subject was English. I took a writing course where we had to write a novel as our independent study. I remember thinking that was the coolest ever. I also didn’t mind religion, especially when we began to learn about world religions. It’s interesting just how differently I see things now in terms of religion…but that my friends, is another story for another day.


Insomnia is for the Birds

I seriously need to fix my sleeping habits. This is getting ridiculous! I fell asleep with the girls at 9, woke at 11 and here I am, still awake and I need to get up in less than 5 hours. *sigh*

Yesterday was good. I took the girls tobogganning and skating. L insisted she wanted to wear her figure skates and the two of us ended up falling too many times to count. I felt like such a novice, when in actuality I can skate quite well. I think we’ll stick to the smaller, less crowded outdoor rinks so she can use a chair!

Jill and I (and L and O) are heading (hopefully) to Ikea tomorrow to pick up a mattress for A’s new bed. And a few organizational items. And lunch. Mmm, Ikea meatballs. Heh.

I made pizza for dinner and as I was cleaning up, I sliced open my thumb on the lid of an opened tin can. Ouch. It bled forever and is still sort of bleeding if I bend my thumb. I don’t think I needed stitches but maybe a butterfly bandage or something. And maybe a tetanus shot. :/

I need to figure out how to add blogs to my blog roll. I was ecstatic to see Rebecca is following my blog and now I have to add her. Among others. Which means I really need to get on my computer more because doing it from my BlackBerry isn’t cutting it.

Ok, time to sleep I suppose. I hope at least.

On A Roll

I’ve been keeping busy this week. Between working on A’s new room, sorting through the endless amounts of baby items we no longer need and getting rid of other things (such as clothes I haven’t worn in 10 years), it’s safe to say there’s a LOT to get rid of.

I worked on closets today. It’s incredible how many hats and mitts we have. And shoes. And for some reason, L has an unusual amount of sweaters.

By next week, A’s room should be done and I think I’ll feel better having it finished. I am contemplating painting the living and dining room; it’s a dark brown and I think we need some colour. I love painting (not the prep work though) so if Jarrett and I can agree on a colour, I think I’ll do it.

I Should Have Stayed In Bed

I had one of “those” days. You know the ones. Where you should have just stayed in bed and called it a day.

It started off decent enough. Kids were in good moods. We got up on time. Then I realized it was raining and I felt a headache coming on. Then my phone decided not to work. L threw a tantrum about getting ready to take A to school. According to her, bathing suits were just find to walk to school in.

Jill showed up with the kids at school to pick L and me up. Thank goodness. Went back to my house and had copious amounts of coffee and felt marginally better. Dragged A’s carpet upstairs and into the mini-van and dropped it off at the local carpet binding company. Scratched up my walls in the process.

Headache…worse. And to make matters worse, I had a, err, visitor…a monthly one. Not impressed. But headache is explained! Kelly came by and saved me (by helping me fix my phone and my sanity). We went out, and upon arriving home we realized that the bunny who was sitting on my front lawn when we left was still there…and it was no wild bunny. Called the humane society who told us to contain it and they would come pick it up.

Contain a rabbit. That is loose outside. That is petrified and freaking out the second you get too close. We tried creeping up and throwing a box over it. A towel. Luring it with carrots and celery. Scooping it up with my pool net (which only made it more pissed off with us). After Kelly ran around like a crazy lady with a towel trying to capture it for a half an hour, we gave up. It ran into a neighbours yard and up a hill and disappeared.

L was a nightmare and by the time A got home from school I was ready to sell her to the gypsies. Trying to make dinner with her hanging off my leg was interesting. After she ate she was better and was fine till 6:30 when she promptly fell asleep.

Anyways. The day is finally over and I’m retiring upstairs to watch some “Family Guy” with my hubby. And hope that tomorrow is not a repeat of today.

In The Midst

I realized today that there are a lot of projects on the go here. Not only small renovations but also things that I’m trying to just get done. Like this whole conversion of the upstairs playroom into A’s new room. It’s been a week and I still have bedroom furniture in my dining room and toys everywhere. I did, however, finish painting today. A small victory! I’m sure my hand will be forever numb but it will be worth it when A comes home to a shockingly purple room.

The list though, goes on. The basement ceiling, the hallway to the basement, basement walls, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom…it goes and goes. Not to mention all the scrapbooking, sorting and organizing I would like to do. There’s not enough time nor money to do everything! Things will get done, and I don’t mind that my house is in a perpetual state of chaos, but it would be nice to finish one thing at least!

The bedroom will be that one thing. I have decided. I am going to work on the carpet tomorrow, and by the week’s end, I hope to have procured a mattress for the bed Kelly is harboring for me in her basement and have the room finished. Fingers crossed anyways. 🙂

A Pinch or a Pull

I woke up Saturday morning at 3:38am to a stabbing pain in my upper back/shoulder. You know, that type of pain where you momentarily can’t breathe? Yeah, that type. After two Advil and a Tylenol 1, I went back to bed and slept horribly until just after 7. The pain plagued me all day and nothing helped.

Nothing except wine, which Tammy was so gracious to supply. We visited with her and her family, had an awesome dinner and A got to play with her friends. L mostly hung off me (which did nothing for my back) and we left after dinner.

Now I’m having some funky numbness in my fingers which leads me to believe that I’ve pinched a nerve. And I think the cause of the pain was the painting I did. Which blows because I still have more painting to do and it needs to be done. And I want to do it.

I think a trip to the pool is in order as there is a lovely 90F+ pool that I can relax in (I say relax quite loosely as it will involve at least one or two children hanging off me trying to swim). But it will be warm and there are jets that will hopefully help.

A Busy Few Days

Once again I’ve been MIA. Oops. Thank goodness I didn’t say I’d post every day.

I’ve been busy! I’ve been decluttering at an insane rate, stacking boxes and bags in a corner, waiting for my sister to come claim what she needs. I’ve Freecycled a ton and still have stuff to go.

I’ve also been renovating the upstairs playroom. A has been pestering me as to when her new room will be ready so I’ve been patching walls, sanding and painting. I have the paint now and hopefully tomorrow, no wait, this afternoon, I’ll be able to put the first coat of purple on. Yes, purple. And I stupidly picked a very dark shade of said purple…before recalling that the new carpet is royal purple. As a friend said earlier, “Just don’t let A wear purple, or you’ll never find her!”.

I also had to hunt for new boots for A. As she complained that her old boots hurt I insisted they were fine. I mean, they were too big last year! Who knew kids feet grow! A whole 3 freaking sizes at that. Thabkfully I found a pair (purple to boot…get it?) AND I had a gift card for 75% of the price. I paid a whopping $11 for fantastic boots. I also scored a pair of jeans for myself for $9. Ha ha!

I have been faithfully taking pictures for Project 365(366); I just haven’t uploaded any to the computer yet. Yes, the hunk of electronics in my basement collecting dust because of the PlayBook. I promise, I will edit and post them soon!

We took A to her first swim lesson last night. She sort of freaked out at first…it was super loud and insane at the pool and she got overwhelmed. But as she got comfortable she was better and by the end she was swimming and giggling. Here’s hoping the next 8 weeks go well!

Now that it is 2:30am I should attempt to sleep. I have a bad habit of falling asleep from the time A goes to bed until 11-ish…then I wake up and can’t sleep. But morning comes quick so I’ll try. 😛