Pinch Me

We have had an unbelievable stretch of weather here. It was snowing just last week and we were wearing t-shirts and shorts today. Not a bad March Break for the kids!

We did a lot around the house and yard. Tidied the garage, did some early gardening, pulled out the warm weather clothing, dug out the bikes, scooters and rollerblades. The one thing I didn’t do though was put away the winter stuff. It never fails; my birthday usually involves sub zero temperatures, snow and/or ice. And Easter wouldn’t be Easter without snow. So we have 3 seasons worth of clothing stuffed into drawers and closets.

I’ve decided to babysit starting at the end of April. It will help with some of the growing bills around here and also be a lot of fun. L and A love him already and they have not stopped talking about him. It’s cute. It’ll be interesting to see how L does with it. I think it’ll be good for her and good for everyone. 🙂

The time change has totally messed us up here. It’s taken till tonight for L to go to bed at a decent time. Still working on A.


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