In Like A Lion

I have no idea what I’ve been doing for three weeks since I last posted. No clue at all.

A played “salon” with L last week. Which they do sometimes, and it usually involves spray bottles of water, brushes and combs. This time it involved scissors. And L’s hair. About 3″ was hacked off the back and side so L got her first real haircut on Tuesday. It looks very cute now but isn’t long enough for braids anymore.

We got hit with snow on Tuesday as well. Then a bit more on Wednesday and some rain. Then as I was making pizza dough the power went out. And stayed out. We later learned that the freezing rain had knocked out a transmission line and 70% of the customers were without power. It didn’t go back on until after 8pm. We had firewood and candles and 3 kids to entertain, as A had a friend over. We managed, and by 6pm her friend left (after we had to pick up pizza…Kitchener had power at least!) and we broke open the tube of glow bracelets I had picked up earlier (talk about ironic). The girls played with them for almost an hour then we snuggled in front of the fire and fell asleep. Only to be woken just after 8pm to the lights going back on and the carbon monoxide detector resetting itself.

Yesterday morning, J managed to put his back out. He’s managing at the moment and I’m hoping our doctor will prescribe something over the phone for him. He cannot take the time off work like he did last time this happened…we’re panicking a bit.

J did some work for my brother-in-law’s work, computer stuff, and so we have a bit of extra cash. I really, really need a new phone and the one I want is $200. Plus I’d love to get a camera to replace my old one…I’m getting tired of using my 11-year old digital camera. The girls are insistent that they need a trampoline but there’s really not much room in the yard unless we move the swingset and my garden.


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