Grouting Makes Me Grumpy

When we moved into this house, the upstairs bathroom had to be immeidately renovated. Who puts an upright shower and no tub in the only bathroom on the main level of a bungalow? The previous owners of this house apparantly. Me at 7 months pregnant did not appreciate having to take a 3 year old to the basement to have a bath.

Jarrett spent the spring tearing apart the bathroom and putting in a soaker tub, new toilet and sink and tiles. He meticulously grouted but failed to seal the grout. Which means over the course of the past 3+ years we’ve noticed the grout becoming darker and darker and more and more gross.

I tried everything to clean it. Magic Erasers, bleach, peroxide, tea tree oil and baking soda…to name a few things. The only thing that seemed to work a bit was the tea tree oil and baking soda. But it was still gross.

Today I decided to touch up the existing grout to cover the stains. It worked great. Except I loathe grout. Especially sanded grout. I’ll be picking tiny pieces of sand out of my nails for days. And the mess. Oh my. Whatever. In 72 hours I will be sealing that grout so I never have to grout again. Or at least for a very long time. Or until we redo the other bathroom and the kitchen. *sigh*


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