What a Week!

As J has been on midnights (well, 7pm-4am), I have had a car all this week. Which was nice because I had a list *this* long of stuff I have been meaning to do. Stuff like filling up our water bottles, returning some Christmas items, exchanging a few things, searching for some art for our bare walls, etc., etc., etc. With the help of a couple friends and only L to drag around, I managed to do everything I needed to get done!

Tomorrow (today?!) Is my Dad’s 65th birthday party. A surprise party. Picture this: A 65 year old Italian man being blindfolded and shoved in a car and driven somewhere. As my husband put it, maybe not the best thing to do. Haha. At least he won’t be swimming with the fishes. Instead he’ll be greeted at a bowling alley by his daughters, grandchildren, nephews and friends. I’m in the midst of making his cake…and I’d get a whole lot more done if my kids would stop waking up every half hour.


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