As of today, A’s new room is officially finished. With the exception of the curtains. And a duvet. Tonight marks the first night of her sleeping in her new room. It should be interesting. I suspect she’ll be crawling in with me at some point. I just hope she doesn’t forget there’s a ladder to get out.

I’ve been slacking on everything else while getting the room done. Cooking, laundry and cleaning have all been neglected. Tomorrow I plan to help Jill out with organizing her place. Saturday and Sunday I won’t get much done because Jarrett starts some ridiculous midnight shift on Sunday at 7pm. His sleep will be all over the place as he adjusts which will mean keeping the kids quiet…which will ultimately mean being out of the house a fair bit. Hopefully we can go skating and maybe hang out at Jill’s. *nudges Jill*

All in all it’s been a decent week. I feel good having the room done and giving A her very own space. She is thrilled with her new room and I’m thrilled that she is.


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